For today’s English lesson I am at the beach. It’s a cold and misty day and I am talking about the weather.

English expressions and words I use in this English lesson include:

– It’s misty
– It’s murky (a bit murky)
– It’s hazy
– It’s foggy
– It’s a pea souper
– I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face
– It’s cold
– It’s cool

– It’s getting cooler
– It’s chilly
– Catch a chill
– You better wrap-up (put on warm clothes) or you might catch a chill
– It’s so cold today it’s getting inside my bones
– I can’t feel my finger tips (or the tips of my fingers)
– The temperature is dropping
– It was icy on the roads
– The windscreen on the car and the windows around the car became icy.
– I can feel the temperature dropping

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