Welcome to today’s ‘Speak English with David’ lesson. Today’s lesson is about greetings & goodbyes and when NOT to say goodnight.

A common mistake made by English learners, is to use ‘goodnight’ as a greeting. English people do not say ‘goodnight’ when they say hello at night-time, or during late evening. Goodnight is only used to say ‘goodbye’ during late evening and at night-time (after midnight).

During the evening (6pm – 12 midnight) the greeting is ‘good evening’. At night-time (after midnight) an ordinary greeting is used, such as ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘nice to see you’. In the morning (6am – 12 noon) we say ‘good morning’. In the afternoon (12 noon – 6pm) we say ‘good afternoon.

This is not mentioned in the video but anytime after midnight it is ok to say ‘good morning’ as a greeting (you don’t have to wait until 6am). We often refer to the hours after midnight as the ‘early hours of the morning’.

English people often drop the word ‘good’ from a greeting. Instead they just say, ‘morning’, ‘afternoon’ or ‘evening’. Very occasionally you may hear an English person say ‘good afternoon’ or ‘good evening’ as a goodbye. What they are saying is ‘have a good afternoon’ and ‘have a good evening’. However, generally it is probably better not to use these expressions as goodbyes.

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