In this English lesson we look at things to do with Christmas. In particular; the Christmas tree, Christmas gifts, Christmas greetings and Father Christmas.

• Christmas tree (real or artificial)
• Christmas lights (turning on the lights)
• Christmas tree decorations
• Christmas fairy (placed on the top of the Christmas tree)
• Christmas presents placed around the Christmas tree
• Christmas cards sent to friends and family

Christmas Greetings

• Merry Christmas
• Happy Christmas
• Season’s Greetings
• Yuletide Greetings (Yuletide is a very old word for Christmas)
• Happy Yuletide
• In England we don’t usually say Happy Holidays (although you will hear it sometimes). Happy Holidays is an American expression.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas also called Santa Claus or Santa. Occasionally he’s called Saint Nicholas or Saint Nic (although that’s not very common in England). Santa has a big white beard and white hair and he dresses in a red outfit. Santa delivers presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve. He flies through the sky on a sleigh pulled by Reindeer. Santa climbs down the chimneys in people’s houses to deliver a sack full of toys to the children while they are sleeping. It’s a tradition to leave out a mince pie and a glass of brandy for Santa.

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