For for today’s English lesson I am at the ‘Quayside’ (the side of the quay alongside the sea), in my home town of Poole on the south coast of England.

– Lifeboat House – Lifeboats rescue people who are in difficulty (e.g. when their boat has broken down) at sea.

– The Old Lifeboat House is now a museum. A museum is where old things of interest are on display to the public.

– Along the coast.

– In the distance = far away.

– Fisherman’s Dock. You park a car but you ‘dock’ a boat. Fisherman’s Dock is where fishermen dock their boats.

– Brownsea Island – Lord Baden Powell started the Boy Scout movement over 100 years ago, with a camping holiday for boys on Brownsea Island.

– Brownsea Island is in Poole Harbour. Poole Harbour is the second biggest (second largest) natural harbour in the world. Sydney Harbour in Australia is the largest.

– Natural harbour = made by nature and not man-made (made by man).

– Poole Marina = Where boats are kept (or moored). Poole is the home of the world famous Sunseeker luxury yachts (worth millions of pounds each).

– Looking along (preposition of place) the quayside (the side of the quay). The buildings are ‘along’ the quayside.

– The boat is starting-up (someone is starting it’s engine). Clouds of smoke are coming out of the engine because it’s a very cold morning.

– Looking out over Poole Harbour to Brownsea Island and around to Fisherman’s Dock, where we started.

– My car is at my local garage this morning. It is having an MOT Test. MOT = Ministry of Transport (Test). An annual government test to make sure a car is roadworthy (safe to be driven on the public highway).

Public highway = Roads.

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