Welcome to Speak English with David. In this Christmas English lesson I am talking about:

– Party Expressions
– Having Too Much To Drink
– Drink Driving

Party Expressions:

• It was a great party
• It was one hell of a party
• I had a ball
• Party animal (someone who loves parties and goes to lots or someone who always goes out e.g night clubbing partying).

Having too much alcohol to drink:

Drunk (different stages of being drunk)

• Merry
• Tipsy
• Sloshed
• Unsteady on their feet (I hope he got home ok)
• Plastered (slurring her words)
• Half cut
• Paralytic
• Wasted
• Plastered
• Comatosed
• Out for the count

Drink Driving

• 1967 – breathalyser introduced in England
• Over the limit (80 milligrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood)
– 2 pints / 2 glasses of wine / 2 shots of spirit eg Whisky, run, vodka, brandy etc
• Designated driver (sometimes FREE soft drinks_
• Soft drinks e.g Coca Cola, orange juice, water (non-alcoholic).


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