This is the final Christmas English lesson for 2016 as we prepare for the ‘Christmas Day’!

Last minute preparations before the ‘big day’.

• Last minute: There is very little time left (e.g. to finish Christmas shopping before the shops close).
• Preparations: Verb to ‘prepare’ (get ready)
• Big day: An important celebration or event e.g. Christmas Day, a birthday, a wedding etc.
• Yesterday (23rd December) was the busiest day for travelling over Christmas.
• Busiest: A ‘superlative adjective’.
• Travelling : People travel by car, coach, bus, airplane or train.
• Over Christmas = the few days (2 or 3 days) before and after Christmas Day.
• We can also say e.g. over the weekend or over the next few days
• Christmas Eve: Eve is the shortened version of ‘evening’.
• Evening is 6pm – 12 midnight. However; when we talk about Christmas Eve it means the whole day (24th December).

• Tonight (the night of Christmas Eve) Santa (Santa Claus) / Father Christmas will be busy delivering presents to children everywhere. He will ride through the skies on his sleigh which is pulled by Reindeer.
• Raise my glass: To lift up a glass (usually containing alcohol) and to offer good wishes. We say things like ‘too your health’ or ‘cheers’. At Christmas we say ‘Merry Christmas’.


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